Ron Lazzeretti ~ Battle of the Planets
1. Your Front Lawn
2. Battle of The Planets
3. Cigarette Box
4. A Little Tattoo
5. Dull Blade
6. Long For This World
7. Weigh My Soul
8. This, Too
9. Maybe It Goes Around
10. Like A Picture
We’re dodging bullets
And hand grenades
I am afraid to go outside
Get out of bed, open my eyes
I hope I’m dreaming
I’d like a bible in my pocket
I’d like a getaway car
Make that a train
Make that a plane
Make that a rocket

The Holy Spirit
Is in the room
Rearranging furniture
And whistling a tune
I think I hear it
Think it might be Luck Be A Lady
Or Every Grain of Sand
Or Que Sera, Or Jungleland
Or Sexy Sadie

So far away
Where I can’t see
I can't help feeling
Something’s going on
Don’t be afraid
It’s only me
Talking to myself
Out on your front lawn
Can’t get away from
The sound of cars
I’m out where Jesus lost his shoes
And even that’s not far enough
Come kiss me
I might get lost inside of you
I’ll say those things you want to hear
You do that thing I’ve always
Wanted you to do

So far away…

And good intentions
Just pull me down
Talk is cheap
You can get it
Anywhere in town
The revolution
Can’t even buy itself a beer
I’d like to pack up a few things
Burn the rest
And ride my horse right out of here
So far away….
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